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We are a company born in nature. Science and well-being are at the heart of everything we do.

They drive our research, our innovations, and our dedication to sharing our expert knowledge with patients, customers, and society as a whole.

At Altaio, we are a team of specialists and enthusiasts of healthy living and ecological stewardship. We have the knowledge and experience to identify and provide innovative and effective health solutions to suit a variety of needs. Our focus on CBD as an alternative medicine is born out of the desire to provide people with natural alternatives to pain relief and other common stresses, diseases, and disorders. Natural, legal, and with minimal side effects, every CBD product we offer has been crafted with one indisputable purpose: to make your life a little simpler, a little healthier, and a little happier.

We work to achieve health, happiness and honesty in everything that we do.

Our global network of scientists and experts is driven by the passion to provide individuals with lifestyles that are guided by sustainability and bodies that are healed by nature.


Our goal is to take care of people as well as the environment we live in.

By providing our clients with a vast and innovative array of organic and pure CBD products, we hope to promote healthy minds, bodies, and hearts. In achieving your health, we also understand our responsibility to the environment around us. Using 100% ecological methods in the development of our products – from farm to factory – we strive to be stewards of this planet.

We believe in providing transparency in everything that we do


We believe in providing transparency in everything that we do.

Through our extensive research and reviews we endeavour to provide the most current and accurate information on cannabis in Canada. We provide complete transparency in all aspects of our company and in the ongoing research surrounding medical marijuana.


In choosing our brand, you are choosing a lifestyle.

You are choosing to live without added chemicals, fillers, or substitutes. When you choose pure CBD, you’re choosing quicker recovery from your pain and other symptoms. And that means a happier you.

Premium CBD

Pure, Natural, Sustainable.

No Hybrids

Only pure Cannabis indica and Cannabis sativa varieties are used in the creation of our products.

100% CBD Oil

No fillers, substitutes, or by-products. Just 100% pure CBD oil.

No chemicals

Sustainability guides every step of our process, from first seed to final product, which is why we choose natural ingredients every step of the way.