Giving Your Pet a ‘Higher’ Quality of Life – How CBD Oil Can Aid with Animals’ Medical Conditions

by | Mar 24, 2019 | CBD, Learn, Lifestyle | Culture, Pets

If you own a pet, chances are these furry friends play an integral part in your life. It’s no wonder then that many pet owners consider their fur babies part of their families. We care deeply for our pets, and strive to keep them on top of their physical (did someone say, “walk?”) and mental health. If your pet is suffering from daily anxiety, don’t be surprised or worried to hear your veterinarian recommend a medical cannabis product such as CBD oil. Pet parents should take note that this is a safe and natural alternative, proven to help treat or lessen your pet’s troublesome symptoms and associated behaviors.

Integrating CBD into your pet’s diet is as simple as slipping a couple of drops of oil into Kevin’s food bowl.

Animals have feelings.

Are you often puzzled by your pet exhibiting extreme stress related to things such as thunderstorms or fireworks, car rides, meeting new people or pets, or being left alone for a couple of hours? Just like people, pets often become accustomed to routines and their environment. A disruption of their owner’s work schedules, such as a longer time away from home, or vacations, may cause depression and anxiety. Animals are also believed to go through complex emotions such as grieving when faced with the loss of their owner or fellow household pet. Certain feelings will pass with time, and they will move on. However, it is more likely we will seek to relieve anxiety in our pets if this represents a constant daily battle for both owner and pet.

This is where CBD oil comes in – a natural, low-risk substance extracted from the cannabis plant that is just as safe for your pet as it is for you. The oil is often administered orally to dogs, meaning it can be added to meals based on a veterinarian’s recommendation. CBD, or ‘cannabidiol’ is a naturally occurring compound of the cannabis plant. This is not to be confused with THC, the compound derived from the same plant which causes the ‘high’ feeling sought after by recreational cannabis users. CBD is non-psychoactive and rather produces a ‘body high’, meaning it offers all the benefits without altering mind function. People using CBD products report feelings of calm and relaxation, often leading to an improved overall mood and sleep quality. Translated into dog terms, your pet may begin to show less nervous behaviors such as whimpering, pacing, panting, aggression, and separation anxiety. Pets with more severe medical conditions such as chronic pain, seizures, and inflammation, may also be treated with products containing CBD.

The ability of the CBD compound to naturally soothe and calm anxiety doesn’t mean its use is free of caution. Cats and dogs have cannabinoid receptors in the brain just as humans do, but in different amounts. Dogs specifically are very sensitive to THC, so make sure you aren’t ‘self-medicating’ your pet with the wrong cannabis product. Research is currently being conducted to help standardize CBD oil dosages, as there are currently no definitive guidelines. A holistic veterinarian will be able to determine which product and how much is necessary for the physiology (breed, size, age) of your pet.

Many pet parents are beginning to treat their pet’s anxiety or medical conditions with the natural power of CBD oil. As a result, CBD dog (and other pet) treats are starting to flood into the marketplace. Paws up for CBD oil!

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