How CBD Can Bring Your Productivity and Motivation to New Heights

by | Jun 3, 2019 | CBD, Learn, Lifestyle | Culture

It probably takes a little boost to get most of us going at the start of the day. For many of us, this boost can be found in a cup of coffee, a quick workout, or maybe even a cold shower. But have you ever considered using CBD as your morning pick-me-up? The many health benefits of CBD (short for ‘Cannabidiol’ – a naturally occurring compound produced by the cannabis plant), coupled with the fact that it is safe and legal, makes it an attractive and exciting option to consider mixing into your daily routine. The use of CBD to improve motivation and mental clarity are novel. Although CBD has been touted as an all-in-one magic potion, it is important to understand exactly how CBD can be introduced into your daily schedule to boost mental clarity, mood, and productivity.

Imagine this. You’re at the office, sipping on your third or fourth cup of coffee (but who’s counting?). Your heart rate increases, you feel restless so you start shaking your feet rhythmically under your desk, and all of a sudden you’re feeling more anxious than you were before. A few hours later, you find yourself yawning again. Time for another cup. Does any of this sound familiar? Caffeine, perhaps the world’s most abused substance, can leave you feeling on-edge and extremely restless, especially by the time you get to your third or fourth cup. Consuming CBD, on the other hand, won’t produce these unwanted side effects. CBD is now emerging as a natural and safe alternative for boosting concentration compared to other popular stimulants. So what is this fascinating process that happens inside our bodies once we consume CBD? Simply put, the human body’s endocannabinoid system works to maintain proper levels of hormones. An imbalance in a certain hormones, such as an elevated level of the stress hormone cortisol, can greatly affect our state of mind, resulting in fatigue and restlessness. When you bring CDB into your body, you are giving your endocannabinoid system the tools it needs to better regulate your hormones. Throughout the day, this internal balance can result in a calmer demeanor, clearer mind and sharper focus.

Experiencing occasional anxiety and stress is normal. It is chronic anxiety, which causes extreme fatigue and irrational (or even debilitating) thoughts, that can affect your overall health, work and personal life. A number of studies have found that CBD can help treat anxiety naturally and often without the countless side effects of many pharmaceutical anxiety medications, which can oftentimes leave you back at square one – feeling drowsy, nauseous and unable to enjoy life the way you want to. While it is important to note that CBD may not treat your anxiety completely, it can effectively eliminate some barriers to productivity. To experience clarity and increased wakefulness during the day, opt for small doses (about 1 – 5 mg, up to 10 mg) of a low-potency product such as CBD oil. This allows you to control the dose, which can be adjusted as needed. Small, consistent doses will leave you more alert and focused. Another common way we hinder our focus and motivation during our waking hours is not getting enough sleep. The fact is, skipping out on sleep affects your productivity since mood, memory, stress levels and ability to make decisions are all hindered as a result. Taking a higher, one-time dose of CBD oil in the evening (5 mg – 10 mg or more) is recommended for better sleep. This will get allow your body to spend more time in a deep sleep with reduced sleep disturbance. With increased REM sleep, you will wake up feeling more rested and alert – and less anxious and tired. In turn, this all plays into the endocannabinoid system mentioned earlier, which, coupled with an invigorated and rested brain, will be better able to regulate your hormones throughout the day.

The links between CBD and productivity are made more obvious when the direct effects it has on anxiety relief and improved sleep are explored. The fact that CBD can improve mental cognition and clarity makes its application and possibilities limitless. Whether you choose to use CBD to start or finish your day, it is a safe and natural option that will help you attain the balance, productivity, and motivation you’ve been seeking in all of those coffee cups.

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